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  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    good to know.
  • Gary and Michele D. 10 years ago
    Please check your city and state regulations about gray water before doing any of these extensive modifications. Texas does not allow any water that touches your skin to bypass the water treatment plant.
  • DD P. 10 years ago
    not sure that I would do this on a regular basis but I might in drought conditions
  • Ruanda W. 10 years ago
    I was raised using graywater in New York for watering our house plants, living in apartments and this practice was extremely useful! This was decades ago. It is to hear this is now being used as a wise recycling tip! Hats off to you!
  • Jae c. 10 years ago
    Another bit I just recalled...if you live in a climate where the weather is mild enough to have your launrdy area in the garage you can easily re-use washing machine water on your landscaping.
    I only use the rinse cycle water. The first wash cycle water can have too many ingredients in it even if organic. It will also have the greater accumulation of food residue, skin cells and other "things" that can cause an odor in your yard.
    You'll need 2 low priced items. A large, lidded garbage container and a wheeled plant dolly. Plant dolly, as in, platform w wheels used under really large potted plants to move them around. Can be found at builders or garden centers.
    Place the garbage container on the dolly n wheel it next to your washer. Hook the water "exit" hose over the edge of the container. You'll need to stay close by the first time you do this to get an idea of how much water the container will capture before overflowing(depends on the capacity of your washer also)
    You can wheel the water in the container out to your landscaping.Scoop it out w a watering jug.
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