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  • Cindy W. 7 days ago
    My daughter wanted a gun safe one year. It was huge. I wrapped the box with the Sunday comics I accumulated throughout the year. I used magazine sheets and folded them like a fan to form a star. I also took strips of magazines and curled them like you would with curling ribbon. and attached them to the package with smaller folded cut out stars. My daughter always loves how I can think up different ways to wrap her presents.
  • fiona m. 1 year ago
    At Christmas time, I cut out the images (snowmen etc) from leftover scraps of wrapping paper to make tags.
    • Cindy W. 7 days ago
      I've also done that. I also have a box that I put leftover wrapping paper that is too small to keep on a roll but big enough to wrap small gifts.
  • Judith R. 1 year ago
    Our family uses homemade cloth gift bags!
  • Lisa H. 1 year ago
    Business envelopes make pretty wrapping for small jewelry boxes. The patterns are interesting and pretty.
  • Desiree S. 1 year ago
    I use newspaper for gift wrap and bags
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