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Be a Green Party Guest This July 4th

By CanarsieBK |
There are a million posts out there about how to host green July 4th party, but not all of us are hosting a party.

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There are a million posts out there about how to host green July 4th party, but not all of us are hosting a party.

Don't worry you can still green up your Independence Day if you are a guest at someone else's party and not throwing your own.

The party host and guests might not be as eco-conscious as you are. These ideas might be good conversation starters to get people thinking about the decisions and purchases that they are making.

Reusable Containers
When you prepare your dish for the party be sure to pack it in a container that can be reused instead of disposed of once it's empty.

Make Your Dish Local
If you are making a dish, hit up the farmers market and source as many local ingredients as you can to use. If you are growing your own food, use some of the produce in your dish.

Bring some locally grown grass fed beef to be tossed onto the BBQ.

Reusable Water Bottle
Bring your own water bottle or mason jar to drink from instead of using the disposable plastic cups that will likely be available. Check out Ecobags for some great resusable water bottles.

Instead of Food Bring Plates, Silverware
and Napkins
Instead of bringing food, offer to bring the plates, silverware and napkins. There are many companies that offer compostable or 100% post consumer recycled options that will reduce the impact on the planet. Eco-Products offers versionsthat are made from recycled materials and can be composted.

Bonus points if you are the crafty type and make your own festive reusable cloth napkins

Bring Your Own Silverware and Napkins
At the minimum bring your own non-disposable silverware and napkins. When everyone else is reaching for the disposable stuff, go into your bag and break out your non-disposable silverware and cloth napkin.

You can either bring your own silverware from home or To-Go Ware has some great options for reusable silverware. For the napkins, again, you can either make your own cloth ones, use an old shirt from around the house or buy a reusable one that you carry around with you.

Set Up Recycling and Compost Bins
Ask the host if you can set up recycling and compost bins for the guests to dispose of their garbage and food scraps. Let them know that you'll take care of it afterwards.

Bring the recycling bag to your local Greenopolis Rewards Center or dispose of as necessary in your area. Take the food scraps and toss into your compost at home.

When party guests see what you are doing, they will likely inquire and ask. Use it as a chance to educate them on why you are doing what you are doing and spread the green knowledge.

Most importantly of all - have a fun and safe July 4th.

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