Live Green and Earn Points


  • Octavain D. 7 years ago
    This website is the best!
    WOW! I love it, but I got one Q? Why don't I get points for my sticker I put on my recycling bin?
  • lynlyn r. 7 years ago
    i use paper creating things.for decorations for home just like flower vases & basket ..swan,its just a nice feeling when you see how your day is going through when you appreciate every things that you did,
  • John R. 7 years ago
    Mary R.
    When frying fish, or any deep fried food, cut open a brown grocery bag, place it on a tray and place your fired food on it. It absorbs the grease and you save by not using paper towels. My Mom did this many years ago, and I do the same.
  • Kathey C. 7 years ago
    Wonderful suggestion about using gift bags in scrapbook projects! I never thought of that!
  • Robert I. 7 years ago
    My family makes all the wrapping paper we use each year from brown paper bags. folks love getting original artwork wrapping paper, sometimes more than what's wrapped in the paper1
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