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Q & A: Moving

By Diane MacEachern |
Our family is getting ready to move. Any eco-friendly moving supplies we could use?
UPDATED: 03/31/11 | Originally Published: 08/07/09

Question: Our family is getting ready to move. Any eco-friendly moving supplies we could use?

You're in luck. Not only is it "in" to green your belongings, it's "in" to move them in the most eco way possible, too. From packing boxes to strapping tape, you've got plenty of options to reuse and recycle during your move. These companies will make it a little easier to get the job done:

Recopack rents 100% recycled plastic boxes in three different sizes. The boxes are delivered and picked up by trucks that run on waste vegetable oils and bio-fuel; their dollies are made from recycled soda cans. The services will run you $299 for 100 boxes per 2-week period; $99 per week extra. While you're at it, use their 100% recycled plastic zip-ties to eliminate packing tape.

Ecobox sells used boxes in various shapes and sizes. They also sell moving "kits" with enough boxes and tape to accommodate relocating anything from a one-bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom house. There's no minimum order, and same day, low cost shipping.

FrogBox, of British Columbia and Puget Sound, WA, is a lot like Recopack, but local to the Pacific Northwest. Plus, you've gotta love their logo! sells a variety of used boxes and offers free shipping. For $150, the company will retrieve your empty boxes when your move is complete, though it may be more economical for you to donate the boxes to someone locally who can use them.

Of course, the most eco-way to move is to move less. Besides, it will cost money and take time to pack and move what you don't need. Before you start packing, see what you can donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army; unload at a yard sale; or try giving away your extras via Freecycle.

Check out even more eco-friendly moving tips and links, like moving companies that strive to save energy, use alternative fuels, and provide recycled packing supplies.

Share your tips for a green move below!

Diane MacEachern is the author of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World, and a popular blog, Big Green Purse.

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  • Elaine F. 5 years ago
    Great ideas.
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  • 7 years ago
    Most smaller retail stores will save their boxes for you so you can get free used boxes, but if you pack your dishes and other breakables in towels, blankets and other linens, you will need fewer boxes, less paper or plastic, thus making your move lighter. You will save environmentally by not using paper/plastic needlessly & having a lighter move will save on fuel.
  • 7 years ago
    We always use reused boxes when we moved.