Live Green and Earn Points


  • Diana R. 4 years ago
    Buy local products esp. food. No shipping costs and you support local businesses!
  • beth d. 5 years ago
    Think again about using microfiber cloths or buying anything made from microfibers. They are a serious pollutant and most outdoor and recycling enthusiasts would avoid washing these cloths and clothes no more than absolutely necessary. Please do your research!
  • Dee R. 5 years ago
    I learned sooo much! Absolutely, the cleanest windows are with newspaper. When I use the juice of the lemon and the rind for my yummy lemon pies, then I finish with dropping the little bit left in my garbage disposal and turn her on; it smells fresh and cleans the gunk that can build up on the inside:) I will go by this article when purchasing foods!!
  • ROBERT E. 5 years ago
    Great article and extremely helpful
  • Freya W. 5 years ago
    I think any company that touts its product as being "natural" should be taken out back and shot! This is absolutely meaningless. Arsenic is natural and so is lead. Companies are trying to mislead you into confusing natural with organic. Don't be fooled.
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