Live Green and Earn Points


  • Holly K. 9 years ago
    Very helpful!
  • Jennifer H. 9 years ago
    I like the idea of un boxing! I would then recycle, but many would toss it in the trash!
  • Meg F. 9 years ago
    As I have come to want/need less 'stuff' and appreciate good times over material possessions, I assume that others may feel the same. So I've been giving pairs of tickets to movies, plays, musical productions, speakers, etc. All ordering/payment is done on line. Tickets are held at will-call. There is no wrapping or shipping involved which minimizes carbon footprint and eliminates lost mail, misplaced tickets, theft, late delivery, additional time and expense. It does require careful planning well in advance to ensure the recipient is available. However, I've found it also ensures the best seats! It will be the first date saved in the New Year!
  • Elise D. 9 years ago
    We only use scarves or reuse gift bags to "wrap" Christmas gifts in our house. We haven't purchased holiday wrapping paper in years. Even when it's not Christmas, we recycle shipping boxes, bubble-wrap envelopes and packing peanuts. When our inventory of peanuts gets too big, we Freecycle them to others in the community.
  • Donna R. 9 years ago
    I use marshnallows for cuision when shipping gifts.
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