Live Green and Earn Points


  • Household R. 5 years ago
    Just home from NYC and was impressed that their food waste has its own pickup. No food composting allowed in my sub, but I will look for a composting spot in my area!
  • LIsa D. 5 years ago
    I started my first compost pile 18 years ago and now I'm onto my 4th pile. I have realized you need more than one. I am an avid gardener and grow a lot of vegetables/berries/peaches. I spread my compost from year to year. The neat thing is seeing tomato plants, cantaloupe, sunflowers, blackberries, etc. pop up where I never planted them (coming from the compost)!
  • Kelly D. 5 years ago
    Earth Day celebration-stay in bed all day-totally no waste! Except....precious time. :)
  • John S. 5 years ago
    It sounds from the article that these basic things are something new for you. In light of the business your in why the heck aren't you guys doing this kind of stuff all the time? PS - you can use a little of your spent grain in bread, but most of it is probably best headed to the compost unless you have animals that will eat it.
  • Gwen K. 5 years ago
    I'm retired so most meals are eaten at home, but I pledge to return plastics to the stores recycling bin. Coffee grounds and banana peels are reused and I use our curbside recycling. Working on a compost heap next.
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