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Top 4 Tips for a Green Move

By Joe Laur |
Moving is stressful enough as it is. Unburden yourself by recycling some of your old, unused belongings. You’ll lighten your load and do some good in the process.

This guest post comes from Transit Systems, a shipping freight company specializing in small moves and furniture delivery:

When you move, you want to do so in an organized, methodical way, including recycling stuff you are not bringing with you to your new digs. You've sorted your plastics, used your t-shirts, towels and blankets as packing materials, yard sale-d, donated or free-cycled everything you can; but what about those things that are not so easily re-used? No worries: There are interesting recycling options for these items, as well as options for those that move in a disorganized blur!

  1. Blankets and Towels: One option for these is your local SPCA or animal shelter. These agencies take clean otherwise unusable blankets and towels for their animals. Call your local shelter to find out when and where to donate these items.
  2. Blue Jeans: An interesting option for jeans that are not re-usable is to mail them to companies that are recycling jeans into insulation! Check out and for information on how to create new life for your favorite old jeans.
  3. Un-Wearable Clothing Items: Some local art programs will take donations of "fabric squares" for their arts and crafts classes! If you have sharp scissors and the ability to cut fabric into squares, your local art center (or art program at your local school) might really appreciate your effort. Call around first to determine who is interested in your handiwork.
  4. The "Hodge-Podge": Sometimes you have to move out in a hurry. This can be due to lack of planning, procrastination or other unexpected circumstances. There is no reason your rapid exodus needs to negatively impact the environment. There is a new-breed of "dumps" popping up around the country that recycle everything you drop off. These companies charge by the load (usually around $50.00 for up to a ton) but will find a use for everything you bring there. Try searching for "construction waste recycling" within your area.
Whether you explore every eco-option when packing and moving your possessions or find yourself in a panicked, moving freak-out that involves vacating your over-packed pad in 48 hours, you can still find a way to make it as green as possible. What is important to remember is that moving is an opportunity to downsize your possessions and find another use for what is no longer valuable to you, but just as deserving of a new home as you are.

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  • james and Ella Mae j. 6 years ago
    I save all my boxes. They come in handy, esp. around holidays.
  • maria r. 7 years ago
    We tend to collect cardboard boxes from grocery stores, so we don't have to buy them. We then use them to store things we are not in need of .
  • Valerie C. 7 years ago
  • SUSAN T. 7 years ago
    good advice
  • Mary G. 7 years ago
    I always try to offer items locally AND directly. For example....I recycle magsazines in waiting rooms in our local hospital. Puzzles in waiting rooms where the family is waiting for a loved one in surgery or a critical care unit.
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