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Top 10 Reasons to Grow a Beard For the Planet!

By Joe Laur |
Beards are an easy way for a guy to begin “going green.”

In addition to enhancing your masculine mystique more than any fuel-chugging SUV ever could, here are 10 ways beards pull double duty as face warmer and eco-tool:

  1. Save water: No need to fill the sink with water or run the faucet to rinse a razor.
  2. Save materials: No need to buy razors or shaving cream.
  3. Cultivate a ‘natural’ look: If we were meant to be clean shaven, we would have been born women!
  4. Save energy: Beards just grow all by themselves, no batteries required. They keep your face warmer in winter and wick moisture to cool you in summer. Plus they save the energy needed to heat the hot shaving water in bullet #1 above.
  5. Save time: In the morning, just drag a comb across your face to remove the sticks, leaves, spiders and bird’s nests that accumulate in your beard.
  6. Save food: A beard is a natural food catcher, so you can save leftovers in there for snacking later. Or dip the whole beard in hot water to make soup.
  7. Create habitat: A good beard is warm and fuzzy for your lover to curl up in. Kids love them. And all sorts of critters can use your whiskers for nesting materials or just nest in the beard itself.
  8. Fight climate change: Beards sequester carbon and keep it from becoming CO2 in the atmosphere. And as you age, the white in your beard will reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays, helping to keep the planet cooler.
  9. Create compost: Your whiskers along with all those animal nests, food scraps and detritus your beard collects will make rich soil.
  10. Filtration: Your beard will filter your air and water before it enters your body, screening out large particles and absorbing toxins.
Mother Nature has been sprouting beards on men (and a few lucky women) for millions of years. It’s all part of the natural order of things — so why wait? Don’t spend another day as a clean shaven eco-criminal. It’s as easy as doing nothing, which guys excel at. Reclaim your natural heritage, and let your face do what comes naturally. Grow a beard for the planet, dude.

What green reasons can you think of to grow a beard? Share your most creative ideas in the comments below!
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  • Kathy T. 5 years ago
    My boyfriend has not shaved his beard in over 5 years.So many people comment on it. Now he can say he is helping the planet by growwing his beard. I love it.
  • Frank T. 5 years ago
    Shaving also requires shaving cream which requires packaging,usually an aluminum can...To produce the can requires quite a bit of energy. Includes mining the ore, smelting, and, then forming the can ...All this requires a lot of energy, causing pollution in the process.
  • LILLIAN P. 5 years ago

    Cool, I think men look very attractive with a nice trimmed beard. I love thedifferent color of beard in contrast with their hair color. It will be nice to give your sensitive skin a break.
  • Rachel G. 5 years ago
    I wish my husband could grow a beard!
  • Christy M. 5 years ago
    Interesting article
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