Live Green and Earn Points


  • Kathy T. 9 years ago
    My boyfriend has not shaved his beard in over 5 years.So many people comment on it. Now he can say he is helping the planet by growwing his beard. I love it.
  • Frank T. 9 years ago
    Shaving also requires shaving cream which requires packaging,usually an aluminum can...To produce the can requires quite a bit of energy. Includes mining the ore, smelting, and, then forming the can ...All this requires a lot of energy, causing pollution in the process.
  • LILLIAN P. 9 years ago

    Cool, I think men look very attractive with a nice trimmed beard. I love thedifferent color of beard in contrast with their hair color. It will be nice to give your sensitive skin a break.
  • Rachel G. 9 years ago
    I wish my husband could grow a beard!
  • Christy S. 9 years ago
    Interesting article
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