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Weekly Recap: 11/30/12

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Recycling made easy. Plus, the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green.

It's amazing how much more likely I am to do something if it's just the slightest bit easier. So this past weekend I did a little recycle bin reorganization to simplify my sorting.

Since I need to separate paper from plastics and glass come recycling day, I now have one small bin for paper, another for plastic and glass and a whole lot more recycling! Small, easy changes = big impact.

How do you keep recycling easy? Share your tips with us below.

Have a great weekend! Until next time…

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Natalie Ghio

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  • Valerie A. 3 years ago
    Love your tip about separating your paper from bottles and cans - simple, yes? Not only are you collecting more but when you make that small extra effort to separate, you can be certain they'll be recycled. When they're all mixed up, cross-contamination is higher and they don't always make it to the proper facility.
  • Natalie G. 3 years ago
    @Vsa - If you have a tip to make recycling a bit easier, share it with us here!
  • VALERIE H. 3 years ago
    I do not know what to say