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The Weekly Recap: 11/23/12

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Green is the new black (Friday). Plus, check out the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green.

Let's face it - who doesn't love cashing in on a good Black Friday deal?

While prepping for your Black Friday shopping blitz can be the perfect post-turkey activity, studying the circulars & mapping your ultimate shopping route takes some serious planning and forethought!

Just imagine what would happen if we applied that same dedication when it came to our recycling efforts...

What if we spent one evening each year solving the pizza box recycling mystery, researching what to do with all those old batteries we've been hoarding or locating the closest #5 plastic drop-off location?

Devoting time to being more informed and organized can make a world of difference on Black Friday and when it comes to recycling, too!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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