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The Weekly Recap: 11/16/12

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Check out the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green. This week, it’s all about finding your balance.

After reading the latest Proper Green post, I'm reminded living green isn't about reprioritizing everything in your life and making your carbon footprint priority number one. Instead it's about incorporating green into your life when you can and changing wasteful habits when manageable. Being environmentally conscious does not mean being extreme. It's all about balance.

As I repeat my Thanksgiving menu planning mantra, "Let the market determine the menu," I have a renewed sense of confidence that this is still a realistic goal if I allow for some flexibility. Instead of inventing all new recipes to accommodate the produce I find, I'm "simply" going to riff on my usual go-tos so that I can incorporate the seasonal stuff.

During my most recent visit to the farmer's market, I found apples and fennel bulbs at nearly every stall so I plan on adding sautéed fennel and apples into my stuffing this year!

Being extreme isn't sustainable. So, how are you going to find your balance this holiday season?

Have a great weekend & a Happy Thanksgiving! Until next time…

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