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Weekly Recap: 2/15/13

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Today I present: Memoirs of Reluctant Composter! Plus, check out the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green.

Composting Takeaway Week One: Feasibility = Success
Whatever green action you choose to take on, make sure it's simple enough for you to incorporate into your everyday life.

Until I found a composting alternative that worked for me, I had been hesitant to enter the wonderful world of composting. The thought of worms, digging and buckets overwhelmed me – and are all reasons why it took me two years to get started. Finding a drop off location and freezing my scraps turned out to be the solution to my composting conundrum, and now that I'm one week deep in frozen veggie scraps, I'm a composting believer.

While it takes a little extra effort, the results are clear: This week I had so much less food waste. And those minor roadblocks (AKA, News Flash: No composting at the Green Market this week due to snow storm Nemo — forcing me to run the rest of my errands with a thawing heap of compost), just add to my composting adventure!

It's encouraging to hear your composting stories – keep them coming…

This Week at Recyclebank:

This week's top posts from the Recyclebank community:

Do you have a new, easy green tip I can incorporate into my daily life? Share it below in the comments, and maybe I'll try to tackle it next week!

Have a great weekend! Until next time…

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  • karen g. 5 years ago
  • Allie W. 5 years ago
    This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for the tip!
  • james and Ella Mae j. 5 years ago
  • Henry R L. 5 years ago
    I like to understand more about curbside pick up recycle. I have participated in the curbside recycle and I don't see anything different in "My Account" or anywhere additional I may sign into the recycle web site.

    Thanks for any information etc. Please respond to
  • Arthur P. 5 years ago
    My wife and I are avid organic gardeners. We have been composting for 10 years. This compost is used on our 600 sq. ft. garden. We eat from this garden from May to October.
    When we first started composting it was amazing how much less waste we were putting into the waste stream.
    The cycle continues. All of our organic garden waste goes back into the compost pile to be used again.
    We are presently experimenting with SOC (Soil Organic Carbon) "No Till Gardening". This method of gardening reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. I also helps plants grow better.
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