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Weekly Recap: 2/08/13

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I used to think that composting was something only people with backyards could do. The good news is, I was wrong! Plus, check out the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green.

I used to think that composting was something only people with backyards could do, but I quickly realized there are tons of resources and online tutorials for composting in small spaces.

Despite the promise of no-odor bins that fit under the kitchen sink and dishwasher-safe linings, I'd been hesitant to take the plunge into the wonderful world of composting — that is, until this week, when I discovered an alternative option to an at home operation: Composting at my local greenmarket! After a little research, I found that I can drop off fruit and vegetable scraps at my local greenmarket, to be transformed into compost for use on local urban farming and gardening projects.

The best part — there is no smell! Just store items in the freezer in a covered plastic container until you can drop them off at food-waste drop off near you (search Earth911 for food or organic-waste drop-off centers near you).

Why hadn't I thought of that before? Now I see that there's no reason apartment dwellers can't get in on the composting action, no matter where we are! Stay tuned, updates on my progress to come…

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Have you tried this method of composting? Share your tips and ideas with me in the comment box!

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