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Weekly Recap: 1/25/13

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This week, Recyclebankers changed seats! Here’s how we made our move greener. Plus, check out the latest articles and comments posted in Live Green.

In the interest of re-energizing the office, we had a seating arrangement surprise this week here at Recyclebank's headquarters! With this seating chart shake up came the opportunity to clean house, de-clutter, and rearrange, so we dove deep into the Live Green archives and gathered some tips to make the move greener — even if it was just moving a cube or two over! Here's what we did:

We used greener, multipurpose cleaning products.
We used gentle, green products that could clean lots of surfaces, from desktops to dusty abandoned drawers. Plus, by using fewer products and opting for concentrated ones, we cut down on packaging and the energy used for shipping. Read More Green Cleaning Tips >

We worked with the moving supplies we had.
Between everyone in the office, we had plenty of boxes hoarded under our desks to supply the move, so there was no need to purchase or rent supplies. Instead, we shared the boxes that we had and got moving! Read More About Green Moving >

We ditched the clutter.
The move was a great time to rid our desks of the things we no longer used. We dropped off all our unwanted goods in one place and then the office went shopping for "new supplies"! Read More Green Decluttering Tips >

Now that I'm settled, it's time to spice up my desktop with some personality. Any office space decorating tips to share? Looking for green ideas, as always!

This Week at Recyclebank:

This week's top posts from the Recyclebank community:

Do you have any office space decorating tips to share? Share your ideas with me in the comment box!

Have a great weekend! Until next time…

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Each week the Recyclebank Weekly Recap will feature the latest articles and comments published in Live Green. It will also highlight a few standout member posts from our Recyclebank Facebook fans and Twitter followers - so be sure to let us know what you're doing to be more sustainable for your chance to be featured!

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  • Hope P. 5 years ago
    Great ideas
  • Michelle V. 5 years ago
    I would like to know more about recycling fabrics...i.e. old clothes that are not nice enough to give to Good Will. Is there a place to drop off these items.... near zip code 62269? Thank You!
  • Kathy T. 5 years ago
    great tips
  • linda d s. 5 years ago
    I need a new schedule for picking up my recycle at Carlisle Village, 118 Karima Circle,Rincon,Ga 31326

    Thanks Linda D. Stewart

    Please hurry!!
  • Barbara C. 5 years ago
    If I have a sheet that is torn, I cut it down and can usually make 3-4 new pillowcases with the fabric. Any additional scraps are put in a bag and I use the scraps to tie up my tomato plants in the summer.
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