Live Green and Earn Points


  • Julia C. 9 years ago
    give leftover food to my niece for her pigs
  • Phyllis L. 9 years ago
    That is a hard one. I do as much as I can in thesummer but not as much in the winter. Have to work on it. good for them over the pond.
  • Elizabeth S. 9 years ago
    We have a living breathing compost dog!
  • Patricia H. 9 years ago
    part of the problem of food waste is that much food has to be purchased in bulk.
  • Felicia S. 9 years ago
    My household compost our food scraps into our chicken coop. About 2 times a year we clean out the coop and use that as fertilizer in our garden! It's a win all the way around...chick's love the get nutrients!!!!
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