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  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    Aome nice ideas. Now that apples are in abundance, Try sauteeing apples in a little bron butter and sage to layer over Pork chops instead of the ole applesauce! it's yummy. You can stir in a little stock and a table spoon or two of cream to the pan drippings and make a wonderful sauce. Spice Apple cream baked boneless pork chaps in an Irish recipe that my husband loves during apple season. Even cubing up an apple and adding it to beef stew is a great idea. There are other ways to incorporate fall fruits into savory dishes. Just google the fruit and the words savory plus the protein you have on hand for recipes. I mix both into sauerkraut recipes. I either cut them into matchsticks or just grate them. Granny Smiths with red cabbage as a cooked dish along with rice vinegar and a very small mount of sugar makes the greatest sweet & sour taste to accompany Tofurkey, real turkey, roasted beef or even steamed white-meat fish. Serve with marinated spiced cucumber strips that have some type of hot chili pepper chopped into it. And then, there's all the fall Veg to enjoy! Even Brussel Sprouts can be made into something new and yummy if you use fresh, shred them with a slicer and carmelize them to bring out the sweetness and get rid of the bitter taste. Add some crispy fried shallots, toasted nuts and other nice tasty things. Fall is my favorite food season.
  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    nice ideas, TY
  • Wendy K. 8 years ago
  • sandy h. 8 years ago
  • Clarita H. 8 years ago
    I always like fresh vegetables in every meal. What ever it is whether It is fish or meat I always want it with vegetables.
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