Live Green and Earn Points


  • Laura L. 5 years ago
    If a person very rarely grilled, used all-natural charcoal or like David said wood from landscaping, would it still be a worse thing for the environment? If you factor in the way that natural gas is harvested and produced and all the spills and accidents while transporting it, I don't think natural charcoals are worse.
  • David E. 7 years ago
    If you make your own charcoal using wood that would otherwise decompose naturally anyway (like dead wood from an old apple or hickory tree), it doesn't increase your carbon footprint. It's easy to do and imparts a delicious flavor to your grilled food.
  • Anth D. 7 years ago
    I'm still a charcoal guy, but I totally agree with the chimney lighter. Get one. No more fluid, and way cooler to use.
  • Amy N. 7 years ago
    Great advice on choosing a grill. We were wondering the same thing, so thank you. However, it is interesting that Joel and this column's author are so concerned with being green while still discussing grilling steaks! Livestock production is killing our planet, so please start grilling veggies instead. There's a new documentary on the topic:
  • richard g. 8 years ago
    already have gas grill and will try 'rare' steaks.
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