Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    Several of our grocery stores in the summer, use local growers for their produce, plus we have several farmers markets that we go to. I also grow some things myself and try to can what we don't eat right away. Sister-in-law wants to learn how to can, so I'll show her in the fall.
  • barb c. 8 years ago
    I buy organic in summer
  • Janina D. 8 years ago
    Since the Winter is so long, it's too expensive to buy organic in Minneapolis, MN.
    I buy organic as soon as Spring rolls into Summer months!
  • Jeffrey M. 8 years ago
    Organic is the best way to go when preparing meals for my family. I just wish finding organic food wasn't so difficult in my area.
  • Neva S. 8 years ago
    Yeah, we shop the local farmer's market as often as possible. So much better when it's picked closer to ripe instead of the green stuff shipped into the grocers!
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