Live Green and Earn Points


  • richard g. 4 years ago
    s in summer [ weird but it works ]!we put on more clothes in winter and les
  • Laura G. 4 years ago
    We keep our thermostat at 80 in the summer, 70 in the winter in the daytime and 66 in the winter at night, using a programmable thermostat. When we go on vacation for several days we turn off the A/C or heat, if the weather isn't too extreme or turn the A/C warmer or the heat cooler, so less energy it used. We use our thermal shades to keep sun out on hot days and let it in on cool days.
  • michele k. 4 years ago
    simply put on socks
  • Michael Z. 4 years ago
    Funtastic tips. THANKS
  • james and Ella Mae j. 4 years ago
    Dress in layers.
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