Live Green and Earn Points


  • james and Ella Mae j. 9 years ago
    never happened
  • Bradley B. 9 years ago
    I'm currently taking a county 'Master Recycler Program' here in Oregon. It's awesome! Read here:

    Some counties may produce/offer a 'Recycler Handbook' free of charge or even better online. Example here:
  • SL S. 9 years ago
    Always encourage.
  • Nevin R. 9 years ago
    Okay, I'm a big mouth. I've stepped in and said I had the same confusion and correct them and then suggest to do what I did, call your local recycle center or waste disposal company. It usually opens a great conversation and let's me learn about some things that I was unsure about too.
  • Rebecca M. 9 years ago
    hasn't happened yet.
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