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  • maria d. 8 years ago
    Hi - I wanted to share how I reuse large plastic detergent bottles for dog duty cleanup around the yard. As needed, I save a one gallon plastic detergent or softner bottle. I cut off the top being careful to save the handle. I am ready with that and a child's plastic shovel to walk arount my yard to pick up 'dog duty'.
    I then empty it in the designated wooded area of the back of my yard. When the container has seen its last day, (usually lasts about one year), I have another waiting.
  • AMANDA M. 8 years ago
    thank you! much needed info
  • Ice C. 8 years ago
  • Anne S. 8 years ago
    Learning new things is always important
  • Beverly L. 8 years ago
    great tips
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