Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lisa H. 9 years ago
    good info
  • June N. 9 years ago
    We follow this rule at night. It may mean we're cleaning the toilet more often, though.
  • Denise C. 9 years ago
    It is awesome to be having this conversation. Change requires conversations. My husband hates the yellow, while I don't. (Plus I hydrate so much that I am not very yellow) We compromise. When he isn't home, I keep it yellow. I flush out of respect for him. I know I make an ecological impact, while still respectitng his feelings on the matter. Roomates can find ways to make a difference while keeping respect for one another's differences.
  • Lucy R. 9 years ago
    Great article!
  • Debbi F. 9 years ago
    We have four boys and the "mellowing" really takes its toll. We have to compromise and flush more frequently.
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