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  • tish A. 3 months ago
    My neigbors pig eats the whole pumpkin when I am done with it
  • cathy d. 4 years ago
    i use all
  • sandy c. 5 years ago
    we carve just the fronts and compost them later, they grow into new pumpkins and even if the groundhogs get them, you still have a good chance of getting one or two for the next year.
  • Laura L. 5 years ago
    Painting pumpkins instead of carving is becoming so popular now, I think a lot of people with young kids just can't think of other less mess/safe ways to decorate. Don't forget you can always use stickers which are easier to take off than paint, or your child could draw a face on paper and color it, cut out the eyes/nose/etc and pin it on the pumpkin or use easy to remove glue like rubber cement. Then the paper could be recycled and pumpkin composted, and the kids have a lot of fun drawing their own pumpkin faces. It's easier clean up than paint too.
    • Laura L. 5 years ago
      They can also put their own dress-up accessories on the pumpkin like headbands, hats, earrings, scarves, etc.
  • Dee R. 5 years ago
    I agree, I would not think paint on the pumpkin would be good. Even if the pumpkin isn't cut...the paint can absorb into the flesh of the pumpkin. Years back we used to write with markers on IV bags in the hospital...;listing all the things we added to the bag that the doctors ordered. At a point, that was no longer allowed as the maker could absorb into the fluid. Thus came the paper sticky labels!
    • lisa l. 5 years ago
      That info about the marker should help people realize that marker decorated pumpkins might be "Easy" but in the end, it isn't good for the planet. half the fun of halloween as a child was digging out hands into pumpkin guts and then roasting the seeds for snacks later. I say CARVE! There are some many easy and reusable templates these days and great carving tools that even the worst carver can turn out a work of art! If you buy templates, trade them with friends each year for a new look.
    • Dee R. 5 years ago
      excellent idea! the kids won't get bored with the same design! And it's been soooo long since we've roasted the seeds!!!...I can see another snack for movie night:). Thanks for the great ideas!
    • Nancy N. 3 years ago
      Wow that is a cool medical fact to know. I bet it was those smelly sharpies that were banned in school. Dang kids would just sniff anything.
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