Live Green and Earn Points


  • Terri D. 9 years ago
    good information
  • Susan S. 9 years ago
    I 've told my guests how we keep things "green" at our house, and they have been very obliging about helping us out as most of them already do this at their homes. I've never thought of coming up with a handbook to give them and might try this in the future.
  • susna c. 9 years ago
    most people recycle now days anyway
  • b h. 9 years ago
    guide book--great idea
  • Margaret S. 9 years ago
    I would never speak in such a condescending way to my guests. How rude to hand someone a rulebook for staying in your home!

    Recycling is easy; just tell people where to put their recyclables. Most people ask anyway. Works the same for composting. If someone leaves a light on in an unused room, just go turn it off.

    People who are that concerned about increasing their home's carbon footprint for a few days probably should direct potential guests to a hotel.
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