Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bev P. 3 years ago
    Regardless of how to recycle balloon- HELIUM is not sustainable and has been in crisis for a while. It's needed for far more critical uses.
    Helium Shortage Is Bad News For More Than Balloons – CBS Sacramento
  • Amelia O. 4 years ago
    I recyvle the balloon for a new year wreath and decorating valentine. I used often that they can be.
  • randy f. 7 years ago
    While this isn't the greenest idea, it is a re-use for existing waste: Trim & cut holes in Mylar to use for a weed guard with new seeds or already established plants. They sell virgin plastic sheeting for this very purpose, just for larger areas. This use might be good for smaller plants - keeping grass from surrounding, crowding, or shading your flowers, trees, & veggies.
  • Barbara Y. 7 years ago
    You can fill deflated latex balloons with uncooked rice and use them to learn to juggle. They work great for beginners.
  • Cynthia H. 7 years ago
    You can also make stress balls. Search pinterest for "diy balloon stress balls." :)
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