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Proper Green: 6 AC-Free Ways to Stay Cool

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Here are 6 tips to keep cool, save energy, and cut costs without changing your habits or remodeling your house.

Dear Proper Green,

Any tips on how to cool my home?

-Duane J., VA

Dear Duane,

If you run hot like I do, summer can be the worst for keeping cool while saving money and being at least somewhat environmentally savvy — the U.S. Department of Energy says that for every degree you work to keep your house cooler than 78 degrees, you increase your AC bill by about 8%. It’s not impossible to cool down and save money and energy, though! Try out these easy, no-remodeling-necessary tips, so you can reduce the amount of time you keep the AC on:
  • Turn on the fan. Fans require less energy than an AC to use, and still do the job right. Fans move air, and the sweeping of air over the body is what cools you down. Just be sure to unplug the fan when it’s not in use, so you can avoid the energy vampires!
  • Cross-ventilate. Open windows on both sides of your room or house, so that air can flow from one side of the house to another — it’s like helping to encourage a natural breeze.
  • Cross-ventilate the other way, too. If you have windows that open from the top and bottom, open both sides a little bit. Similarly, if you have transom windows above windows or doors, keep those open along with your standard-height windows. Heat rises, so it can escape out the top opening while cool air ventilates through the bottom.
  • Enjoy the shade. By blocking out the harshest rays and brightest lights, you prevent heat from coming in, and therefore require less energy to cool yourself, so turn off the lights and make use of your blinds and shutters!
  • Don’t cook or clean. Heat from the oven and dishwasher warms permeates the kitchen, and sometimes even the surrounding rooms. Use this time as an excuse to sit back and relax!
  • Play a trick on yourself. This might only work for the strongest-willed, but it’s worth a shot. If you think cool, you’re more likely to feel cool. Surround yourself with things that will make you aware of a chill —drink more cold water, and tune into that wind chime (it’s only making noise because of that pleasant breeze!).

How do you keep cool during the summer months? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  • Bobbi C. 10 months ago
    Not having the air on is not an option at my house. I have chronic disease which makes me get very sick from heat. I set it as high as possible, about 76 degrees, however.
  • tommy b. 10 months ago
  • becky p. 2 years ago
    We use our basement family room more often during the summer. It is naturally cooler down there.
  • Jo A. 3 years ago
    I set my AC just high enough to get rid of the humidity, usually 76-78. I don't want to feel cold when coming in from outside. I also dry clothes outside whenever I can, love the smell of them, when hung outside. Also grill a lot of save on gas. Keep blinds closed to keep out the sun in the summer too, helps keep the house cooler.
  • John G. 3 years ago
    I live in Texas also... We were watching good morning Texas I was told to get a dehumidifier ... We did now I can keep the thermostat higher by 3 degrees and it feels cool in the house, great idea
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