Live Green and Earn Points


  • Rachael T. 5 years ago
    Great ideas! I never thought to use wine bottles for boot holders. Now that's just plain clever! :)
  • Nina B. 5 years ago
    If you make candles (or want to learn how), you can use teacups as the vessel for the candle! I've seen some really cute ones. I want to learn how to make candles...after I finish the 87 craft projects that I already have on my list :P
  • Kerry K. 6 years ago
    I broke the handle of a cup and my husband glued it back together. I did not want to use it for drinking anymore so it is a great pen and pencil holder.
  • glo m. 8 years ago
    good ideas
  • Lauren F. 8 years ago
    I have teacups and saucers filled with potpourri around the house
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