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Pretty, Easy Paper Up-cycling Projects (for Non-Crafty People, Too!)

By Kristen Lukiewski |
Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a sports fanatic, you can reuse any kind of extra paper products to suit your fancy.

I embrace handy re-use ideas — I’ve started seedlings in egg cartons and used wine bottles to prop up my boots — so it always re-surprises me when I look at my box(es) of scrap paper and my mind goes blank.

Paper is the most basic building block for crafters, and creatively reusing paper scraps is the ultimate eco-craft up-cycling victory. For those of us who routinely pluck from an empty glass jar collection (for reuse as vases, votives, and salad vessels, of course) but need some paper up-cycling inspiration, these easy-to-execute ideas are worth tucking away:

For the organizational genius with old envelopes to spare:

For the hip professional with scraps of wrapping or scrapbooking paper:

For the cat lover with a few extra cardboard boxes:

For the adventure-seeking kiddies with paper grocery bags and toilet paper rolls:

For the green thumb-wannabe with old sheet music or newspapers:

For the sports fanatic with left over tissue paper:

What paper up-cycling projects do you keep on-hand? Share your favorite paper reuse ideas in the comments below!
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  • Ro S. 6 years ago
  • mary w. 6 years ago
    I try and use every piece of junk mail to make notes etc. I save the junk envelopes and save my seeds for the following year. I write name of seed and what year
  • james and Ella Mae j. 6 years ago
    great info
  • Judy B. 6 years ago
    Visit the Think Humanity website to find out how beads are made from paper.
  • Zaji X. 6 years ago
    I reuse the cardboard cup holders that you get from fast food restaurants as planters.

    Seed Starters
    Fill each cup area of the cup holder with potting soil and place seeds in the soil. You can also cut the holder first so you have individual pockets rather than the four that are attached. Once the seeds sprout, you can plant the entire pocket in the ground because the cup holder is biodegradable.

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