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How to Stop Getting All Those Phone Directories

By Recyclebank |
Eliminating the yearly delivery of an unnecessary phone book would save pounds of paper, and untold amounts of trees. Find out how you can be phone book-free.

Did you ever see that old Seinfeld episode called "The Junk Mail" when Kramer had it with Pottery Barn and took back all the catalogs they had sent to him? Well I'm feeling the same way now that I have received my fifth phone directory by two different companies since the New Year began – not to mention the plastic bags they arrive in.

And to borrow a phrase from George's father from an episode the week earlier, all I can seem to say is "Serenity Now!" as I take the steps necessary to remove myself from further deliveries.

If you would like to be spared similar frustration, check out the new and improved Yellow Pages Association Opt Out Consumer Choice website to adjust the quantity or stop delivery of all phone directories and yellow pages.

Simply register and enter your zip code to see all the directories that are printed for your area. You can then manage your subscriptions quickly and easily by either changing quantities, deleting certain publishers or opting out completely.

Stopping delivery of these excess directories obviously helps conserve energy, trees, fuel not to mention time when so much is available online. Plus with resources like Bing's 411 for mobile service (1-800-2464-411), you can get connected free and easy. Just remember to recycle those old directories lurking in the desk drawer. Serenity Now!
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  • Jean G. 2 years ago
    the older you get, the harder it is to read those da***d paper wasters/tree killers! goig to try to get rid of them forever! yay!
  • Martha B. 2 years ago
    I do know now who to call, or connect with to have them stopped. Thanks for sharing the site, and a great article!!
  • Martha B. 2 years ago
    I'd love to know who to call to have them stopped. I haven't cracked one open in about 10 years. Yet they keep on arriving at my doorstep. I take them directly to the recycle bin. It's such a waste!
  • becky p. 2 years ago
    I still use my phone book. I do recycle the old one when I get a new one.
  • james and Ella Mae j. 5 years ago
    i don't mind the book but the print is so small you can't see it with a magnifing glass
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