Live Green and Earn Points


  • danielle c. 9 years ago
    This is so cool! I had no idea. I will definately begin to use Blackle. Love it!
  • Mrs W. 9 years ago
    I'm glad I use Opera, I just found out I could make the background black. I was also able to turn facebook, YouTube, and gmail black. What a nice change, the white always gave me headaches. Oh, and Opera has an addon that can turn the background of any page you are viewing gray, but it seems to make the pages load slower.
  • Alec S. 9 years ago
  • Michelle G. 9 years ago
    who knew!
  • ceslie s. 9 years ago
    Thanks for the great ideas. I do shut off my computer when not in use and unplug kitchen appliences.
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