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  • enizete l. 8 years ago
    It is one topic for which is barely discussed... What about the intended exportation of all this gas outside of our borders and what of its intended structure for pricing of gas remaining here. Frack till the cows come home but what is its true benefit if hoards get exported
  • Ruth D. 8 years ago
    Watch the films Gasland and Gasland 2. The gas companies are exempt from the Clean Air and Water Act. The results are pretty sobering.
  • Patricia G. 8 years ago
    Speculation, speculation. Pretty soon speculation turns into the truth without any further proof.
  • richard g. 8 years ago
    read in 'wall street journal' that frackking wasn't problem but loose seals were?
  • Boyce O G. 8 years ago
    Fracking usually uses liquid nitrogen. One of the most harmless gasses
    one can use. Problems arise when the pipe runs through potable water
    tables without being sealed off. Not so hard to do with modern technology.
    Old engineer
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