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Greenly: Pasta is in Season

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This season, my CSA is offering a new weekly share: Pasta!

This season, my CSA is offering a new weekly share: Pasta! This past week, we picked up our first lot from Sfoglini, a Brooklyn-based producer of small-batch pasta.

As if I wasn’t delighted enough by the thought of fresh, locally made pasta, I came to find out that the company also produces seasonal pasta. Yes, you heard right — seasonal pasta! The Sfoglini team collaborates with local farmers to source ingredients from NYC-based rooftop farms and green markets to create special, seasonal creations like basil reginetti, beet fusilli, and garlic scape trumpets. Yes, please.

If you can’t find a seasonal pasta purveyor near you, never fear! Pasta serves as a great foundation for just about any seasonal meal and can be the perfect vehicle for all those veggies you’re finding at the green market.

Needless to say, when I got home that night, I couldn’t resist the urge to throw my newly acquired “radiator” shaped treasures directly into a pot of boiling water and cook them up for a special, late summer supper. Simply roasted tomatoes and sautéed corn — ingredients we hauled home from our share that same night — made for the perfect sauce. Now that’s amore.

Pasta shapes and recipes for every season:

Summer: Spaghetti topped with Sungold tomatoes and basil screams summer.

Fall: Fusilli can be paired with just about anything, but a ragu packed with fall veg, like carrots and onion make for a perfect match.

Winter: Try reginetti with beets, beet greens and pine nuts if you’re looking for a winter pasta on the lighter side.

Spring: Pair cavatelli with sautéed spring garlic and spinach.

What are your favorite ways to “seasonalize” pasta? Share them in the comments below.

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