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  • Elizabeth R. 9 years ago
    i'll try this!
  • james and Ella Mae j. 9 years ago
    i use a lot of mustard and i will sure try this recipe. Thanks
  • Debra M. 9 years ago
    I make my own 1000 island dressing. Mayonaise kechup pickle relish are the basics.

    Also tartar sauce, Mayonaise, pickle relish, lemon juice.
  • Patricia G. 9 years ago
    This sounds like a project for me to do with my grand-kids as a present to their Mom. She loves mustard and this recipe is so simple, we can all do it and they can decorate the container. Thanks!
  • Cecelia S. 9 years ago
    Mustard sure keep in the fridge six months to a year, just like the store-bought kind. also try adding some honey or paperica, even a few chilis or other peppers.
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