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  • Gina L. 7 years ago
    Not only should you be using cloth for napkins, but they also should be on hand in kitchen or bathroom for fast clean ups.
  • Rita H. 7 years ago
    I have used cloth napkins for about 25 years. I was them with my reg. clothes doesn't take up any extra space. I was tired of buyin paper towels and napkins so I switch, loved every minute. It also empresses company.
  • Vicki S. 8 years ago
    I switched to cloth napkins 4 years ago. I had a collection that had not been used just sitting in the linen closet. My guests always feel special when I use them, but I know how much paper I am saving. Just throw them in the wash with the towels. Only takes minutes to fold and put away. I use them every day.
  • Donna C. 8 years ago
    My aunt always used tea towels for napkins. They are usually larger than regular cloth napkins. I have made my own, so I can have any size I want.
  • Sharon L. 8 years ago
    At meals, my family has been using colorful washcloths instead of paper napkins for years, they absorb so much better. When I want a more formal look I use nice cloth napkins.
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