Live Green and Earn Points


  • Shalee R. 8 years ago
    I love using the window seal
  • Tracy P. 8 years ago
    love fresh herbs I grow them in old jars on the window seal
  • Donna C. 8 years ago
    You can put chopped herbs in ice cube trays and fill with water or olive oil. Just pop them out when frozen and store in snack size bags. The ice will melt into whatever you are making. The olive oil cubes are just like the ones you can purchase and cost way less.
  • Jack B. 8 years ago
    l grow herbs. They take up little garden space. Oregano, rosemary, and several
    varieties of mint are winter hardy. Lemon mint, chocolate mint and apple mint
    are easy for me. Basils are not winter hardy, but are easy to grow from seed.
    There are 2 sweet basils that are very nice. I have all of these right now. And
    use them in many ways, like salads, in scrambled eggs. Mints are good in hot tea or iced tea. Oregano can be dried for winter use.
  • Anne M. 8 years ago
    great ideas!!
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