Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sharon W. 8 years ago
    I want to plant flowers and some edible greens.
  • Paula W. 8 years ago
    Great Article!
  • Mari C. 8 years ago
    I love my flowers and growing my own vegetables. I am maknng it a point to learn more -- this week I learned more about edible wild plants.
  • walter s. 8 years ago
    If it weren't for some township regulations I would be raising chickens for my own eggs. Some towns have wised up and let people keep small amounts of fowl for personal use. If they set up an inspection schedule, to make sure it is kept clean, it could same the average family some money and teach townie kids some valuable lessons.
  • Aaron N. 9 years ago
    I am a small business owner in the southeast corner of utah we collect native seeds for reclamation of forest fires or any thing that may need to be re planted in the western united states its rewarding in my lifetime we have helped protect a number of plant life that has almost become extinct.
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