Live Green and Earn Points


  • Shalee R. 8 years ago
    Love leftovers
  • Tracy P. 8 years ago
    I always try to do this I hate wasting money when food goes bad or I try to give/share with friends and older neighboors
  • Sue C. 8 years ago
    Thanks Natalie. I think these are some great ways to use up food
    in the fridge before going on a vacation.

    When it comes to leftovers, it depends upon what I have leftover. If it's say chicken for example, I might make three different meals out of the cooked
    up chicken and alternate the meals during the week. Or perhaps use leftover ingredients as a topping on a pizza, or make them into a stir fry. Some ingredients just lend themselves very easily for multi-purpose cooking.
  • Liz C. 8 years ago
    Thank you for the garlic scape link! I have gotten them the last 2 weeks in my CSA and never know what to do with them =)
  • Jayalakshmi B. 8 years ago
    hurray for leftovers
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