Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    I have 5 raised beds that I grow strawberries, green beans and tomatoes in. I also save my seeds from flowers and use them in the other beds. The bees love all the flowers. In the fall, I collect flower seeds from wherever I can find them. Most people just toss them out anyway. I haven't bought flower seeds in over 15 years. I give leftover seeds to anyone that wants them too, and have shown many how to gather and dry seeds. Just another way to recycle.
  • macey a. 8 years ago
    good article worth reading whether new or experienced gardener
  • Elizabeth O. 8 years ago
    Like the article stated, gardening for beginners, very informative. Thanks!
  • Jean G. 8 years ago
    Very informative, thanks!
  • nadia s. 8 years ago
    I collect rain water then water my garden with the water.
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