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  • Leezette J. 9 years ago
    They can power electric car by solar and wind power or water powered turbines. The batteries need more r/d. I dream of the day that will happen
  • Lisa H. 9 years ago
  • Barb M. 9 years ago
    good article
  • Rob P. 9 years ago
    I think it's useful to consider how to live without oil but also how to get there in a meaningful way. One thing that all the experts talk about but that ordinary people sometimes seem to miss is conservation. Over the past 12 months, I switched out all of our lightbulbs from incandescent to CF and LED. I also replaced my desktop with laptop computers (running the Toshiba eco utility) and added attic insulation. Now, there's a lot more I can (and will gradually) do but I was shocked to see my electric bill fall by 2/3rds. That's the equivalent of what, a tens of thousands of dollars solar panel installation... for the cost of a few lightbulbs and a thousand dollars worth of ground up newspaper in the attic. If everyone did this, we would have a huge start on moving toward an oil-free (and coal-free) future.

    And Jonathan, you left out hydro power which is non-trivial as well as wind and solar which are much smaller, and natural gas which is the fastest growing electricity generation source and much more carbon-friendly than coal so saying it's only petroleum, coal and nuclear is not quite correct although you raise an important point about remembering that electrical cars still have a carbon footprint.
  • Phyllis L. 9 years ago
    good article.
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