Live Green and Earn Points


  • king c. 9 years ago
    make most of my cleaning supplies and laundry soap with natural ingredients
  • Cynthia L. 9 years ago
    My daughter DEFINITELY does not like to use DEET on her children, girls 4 and almost 2. I am certainly going to tell her about this method...she will be so pleased to hear about it!!
  • Vickie W. 9 years ago
    We have some acreage in the Sierra Nevada that my husband and I are preparing to live on when he retires. Unfortunately we have swarms of hungry mosquitos in the spring and summer months. Last year I actually got sick from putting on DEET every day to ward off the mosquitos. In fact, it got to the point where I felt like West Nile Virus would be better than the DEET toxicity I was experiencing - headaches every day, jitters, upset stomach, shortness of breath. Then I discovered the oil of lemon eucalyptus - what a Godsend! It does tingle a bit when I am hot and sweaty in the sun, but I have found that is the only offset. I also found it on sale at that big box store that Sam started ;). I hope we can find more of these environmental and humankind friendly solutions!
  • Karen B. 9 years ago
    I would like to find these plants and plant them in my yard. Also, what are some products that have this ingredient in it?

  • Kathy H. 9 years ago
    This is helpful to use more natural products.