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Bottle Filling Stations: Preventing Plastic Waste

By Joe Laur |
Plastic bottle reduction would be a more attainable goal if filtered water were more readily available. That moment might be right around the corner.

Think of it as water infrastructure to keep you hydrated.

When I was a college student, nobody carried water around. When we wanted a drink we went to the nearest drinking fountain, or as we called them in Milwaukee, "bubblers"! Yes, people look at me strangely anywhere else if I ask where the "bubbler" is.

Now kids on campus carry bottled water, and of course we know that discarded plastic water bottles are a big problem. Many of us avoid the potential for waste by carrying refillable steel water bottles wherever we can. Now campuses are filling in another piece of the puzzle by offering filling stations for water bottles on campus.

They look a lot like the "bubblers" of my youth, but with a special place to put your refillable bottle and fill it up. Think of it as water infrastructure to keep you hydrated.

I usually buy bottled water only at airports or on long car trips. What if they had filling stations like this at filling stations, or after security checkpoints at airports? Then I could tote my reusable bottle everywhere. Fuji and Evian—watch your back.
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  • Lynn M. 5 years ago
    How do I earn the 300 bonus points mentioned in City Times by signing up today?
  • Gary M. 5 years ago
    I think this is a great idea it should be presnted to schools through the nation maybe should be introduced to local goverments NY city is going to eliminate plastic cups
  • Sue T. 5 years ago
    Excellent idea!
  • Maria M. 5 years ago
  • Richard H. 5 years ago
    If they actually provided 100% filtered water or at least 95%+ then more people would drink from cheap plastic bottles less. and more would drink the filtered water. its the fact that the water is not completely filtered, which is why people drink more bottled water.
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