Live Green and Earn Points


  • joanna l. 4 years ago
    Wasting food is wasting water, too. I watered my fig tree for 2 years before it produced 1 fig!
  • joanna l. 4 years ago
    A really good tip that I read years ago was to "practice" making new sides in the weeks before thanksgiving so it will be easier and you will feel more confident on turkey day.
    • joanna l. 4 years ago
      I am trying this with my green tomato pickles , in a few more days I will see how I did (you can get the recipe on Joanna the Green Maven on Facebook)
  • tommy b. 6 years ago
  • Donna B. 6 years ago
    We rarely use canned items. Always fresh, much better for you.
  • Irene V. 9 years ago
    Almost never used canned foods. If its not fresh we don't eat it.
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