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An Easy Way To Remember Your Reusable Bags When You Shop!

By Joe Laur |
The intent is there, but they’re easy to forget. Make it easier on yourself to remember your reusable bags.

Ok, it's 2012 and time to take on a few new behaviors before the New Year.

How many of you consistently forget to bring your reusable shopping bags out of the car into the store? Raise your hands where I can see them…..that's what I figured. Well, don't feel too bad- I forget about half the time too.

You can either do what I've been doing, which is buying new reusable bags whenever I forget to bring the old ones in and them giving them to friends who need them.

Or you could get with our friends at Conserving Now and get a FREE car window static cling to remind you to grab bags when you leave the car or your house. It's better than tying a plastic bag around your finger, and another tool in the journey to eliminate those "indisposable" plastic bags that foul our land, streams and oceans. Just go to the Conserving Now website and fill out the short form with your address and they'll ship you a couple of clings.

Conserving Now is a mother/daughter team who are passionate about conserving our environment. In addition to the bag reminders, they have an online shop, selling reusable bags and other products and offer classroom kits for teachers and resource for parents, families, teachers and schools. 100% of their profits go toward distributing static clings and providing classroom kits to schools.

So untie that plastic bag for your finger and get a window cling today- you never need forget your reusable bags again.
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  • james and Ella Mae j. 5 years ago
    i do most of the time
  • Marion B. 5 years ago
    Having the KIDS (if old enough) put them in the car after unloading the groceries makes brownie points!
  • Mikelle M. 5 years ago
    If more and more people start using reusable bags, this will for sure decrease plastic bags in landfills leading to less pollution to our environment. However, people defiantly need to spread the word on this because nobody really notices the reusable bags being sold unless someone brings it to their attention. If people forget their reusable bags, they need to recycle them, not place them in the garbage can.
  • Teresa B. 5 years ago
    Neat idea.
  • liz s. 5 years ago
    put my coupon bag on top of them in my car and i can not ignore them
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