9 Innovative Ways to Recycle Newspapers

Written by Trish Smith .
From houses to handbags, here are 9 ways that newspapers are getting an upcycling makeover.

From houses to handbags, find out how newspapers are getting a recycling makeover

There’s no denying that newspapers are slowly becoming obsolete. According to a poll recently taken by The Media Center, 41% of people get their fix of daily news from the television, and 34% are getting their news from the internet. Only 19% of people still get their news from traditional newspapers. Even though 19% isn’t a large percentage of the worldwide population, it’s still representative of a large amount of paper product that’s being produced.

It’s good to know that many people recycle their newspapers. Some people might take part in an office paper recycling program, or they’ll put it out with their curbside recycling pickup. Other people get a bit more creative with their newspaper recycling. Instead of turning their paper recycling over to someone else, they stretch their artistic side and recycle it on their own.

Here are 9 innovative and artistic recycled newspaper designs:

1. Newspaper ballet flats

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Featured on design-fetish.blogspot.com

Designer Colin Tin designed these dainty ballet shoes with recycled Chinese language newspapers.

2. Rolled-up newspaper sculpture

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Featured on greendiary.com

This cute little guy was created by New York artist Nick Giorgio, who designs Lynchian creatures made from thousands of discarded newspapers.

3. Hand-spun recycled newspaper yarn

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Featured on greenupgrader.com

Created by design studio Greetje van Tiem.

4. Newspaper Dress

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Featured on instructables.com

Learn how to make this dress on Instructables.

5. Recycled newspaper house

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Featured on environmentalgraffiti.com

The walls, floors, doors and shingles of this art-inspired recycled newspaper house were made by Cyprus designer Sumer Erek.

6. The Green Thing

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Featured on dothegreenthing.com

This “Green Thing” won the Best Digital Green Award for its creative use of recycled newspapers and old Converse sneakers.

7. Handmade coiled newspaper clock

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Featured on tenthousandvillages.com

This cool clock was made by Filipino artisans who are part of the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City.

8. Newspaper Bench

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Featured on trendhunter.com

Designer Oscar Lhermitte made this bench with 334 newspapers.

9. Recycled Rover

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Featured on vivaterra.com

This cuddly canine is made from tightly woven and corded newspaper.

If you still get a newspaper, now you have a few new ideas on how you can recycle it.

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