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  • Jemie C. 4 years ago
    #8 is iffy. I have read quite a few articles where they do NOT recommend using jars that have been used for a commercial purpose (pasta sauce, mayo, etc...) for home canning purposes. This is due to "operational safety", as in the jars are more likely to shatter, crack, explode, or fail to seal properly; especially in a pressure canner. For canning, I recommend ONLY using jars that are designed for home canning. But all these other uses for glass jars sound great!
  • Felix I. 5 years ago
    I always reuse my tomatoes sauce jars as water glasses. It is been more than 5 years that I do not buy water glasses.
  • Peg H. 5 years ago
    Great ideas.
  • rachael n. 5 years ago
    I served condiments in my jars at my daughter's grad party buffet. I hot glued some burlap ribbon with a label - cute
  • Dona E. 5 years ago
    NO, What I meant below was that I will start now saving my pickle jars WITH the pickle juice still inside so when I have an abundance of cucumbers from my garden I can add them to these jars and make Homemade pickles. I got this idea from Martha Stuart's magazine a few ago. It really works!
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