Live Green and Earn Points


  • Amy C. 9 years ago
    We buy in bulk.
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    Will do.
  • Colleen R. 10 years ago
    My family and I have switched all our light bulbs,we recycle weekly on the curb,and our recycle bin is the same size our trash container,I not only recycle at home we pick up cans and plastic bottles at the soft ball games my grandchildren attend,and 4play softball weekly,we use bags when we shop and our shedded paper also gets recycled
  • 11 years ago
    Great ideas! We ride our bikes to drop off and pick up kids at school daily (weather permitting) It is great exercise and quality time with kids too.

    I leave tote bags in the car, just in case I pop into a store to shop ...I have them.

    We take our wire hangers back to our dry cleaning to be recycled.

    We started a compost and recycle all our fruit peels, coffee grinds and egg shells. I joined free cycling in my town to save our landfills.

    Most fun thing I did: I promised myself to not buy any new clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry for myself for one year. My friends who know donate these items to me to get my fix of something new but I still donate clothes b/c I have too much. I love wearing the clothes I've kept too.
  • 11 years ago
    We wash and reuse plastic tableware and cups after a picnic or party (I even bag and bring home from camping trips!) With just 2 of us, we run the dishwasher weekly. We wash only full loads of laundry, using cold water when possible. When staying in a hotel, we take our own soap, or if we unwrap a new bar, we take it home in a zipper bag. I put small slivers of soap into a mesh bag to use in the shower. We buy in bulk, and reuse deli containers or clean peanut butter or mayo jars instead of buying plastic storage items. I use a plastic squirt bottle (from Subway) to dispense olive oil. Table scraps go to our pets or into compost rather than the disposal. I reuse gift bags, tissue paper, bows, bubble wrap and padded envelopes. For clothing or housewares, I check thrift stores before buying new. We turn off all unnecessary lights and keep our heat on 68 when we’re home, 65 when gone. In summer, we keep air conditioning at 74 and our local power company cycles air conditioning in the afternoon and gives us a billing credit. We use online banking and electronic billpay.
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