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8 Alternative Uses For Common Household Items

By Sebrina Zerkus Smith |
Finding new and creative uses for everyday stuff is not only good for your wallet, it helps save earth's precious resources too.

In tough economic times, we're all trying to make the most of what we have. We've all gotta use it up, wear it out and stretch those "eagles" 'til they scream.

Finding new and creative uses for everyday stuff is not only good for your wallet, it helps save earth's precious resources too.

That's the goal of, a website dedicated to the idea of repurpose and reuse. Their motto - “Don't lose it, Altuse it” - speaks to their dedication in discovering new reuse strategies. Save money, save the environment, feel good about doing it.

Check out these AltUses for 8 common household items.

1 Tablespoon Of Vodka
Use on a soft cloth to clean and sterilize your eyeglasses. Apply to a bandage and let sit for a few minutes to remove the adhesive glue and the bandage will come off painlessly. Mix with a teaspoon of sugar and a cup of water to keep flowers looking fresh.

5 Aspirin Tablets
Crush and mix with a teaspoon or two of water and use to relieve the itch of a mosquito bite. Add a few teaspoons of plain yogurt to the mixture and you can use it as a mask to treat acne.

1 Lemon Wedge
Not only does it add flavor to your iced tea or water, but rub that wedge over your teeth and tongue after your meal to freshen your breath. Juice that lemon wedge into a container, add an equal amount of water and rinse your hair to stop dandruff. Grind a lemon wedge in your kitchen garbage disposal to eliminate orders.

A Small Ball Of Aluminum Foil
Hang it outside to scare birds away from your garden. Toss it into the dryer to eliminate static cling (no more dryer sheets, ever!). Cut it up with your scissors and it will sharpen them as good as any professional knife sharpener.

1 Tablespoon Of Olive Oil
Massage into wet hair and rinse with warm water to condition your dry mane. Rub into dry cuticles to soften, or use as a shaving lotion. Also use to fix a squeaky door or lubricate a bike chain.

1 Old Used Dryer Sheet
Will dust a mini-blind or remove static cling from winter clothes. Tuck it in a dresser drawer to freshen things up a bit.

5 Plastic Grocery Bags
Use them to pick up after your dog. Use them to cover your plants during harsh weather or to wrap fragile items when shipping.

1 Old iMac Computer
Makes one really neat aquarium. The CRT and other components are removed and replaced with a 3.5 gallon fish tank with a built-in filter, light and heater.

Make sure to check out for more great tips.

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  • Lawrence M. 5 years ago
    I've never heard of aluminum foil as a fabric softener. I'm going to try that.
  • Ruth F. 6 years ago
    I recently read that it is not a good idea to use plastic bags for your dog's poop - that it sits in the landfill forever because of the bag. The article recommended flushing it in the toilet - not sure I'm ready for that but ... it's a thought.
  • Laura M. 7 years ago
    I wouldn't use the lemon trick on your teeth too much...the acid eats your enamel on your teeth. Trust me I have seen it. Some great ideas though.
  • Elaine F. 7 years ago
    good to know.
  • Martha R. 7 years ago
    These are really good!
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