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7 Tips For Backyard Entertaining

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Take advantage of the warm weather by moving mealtimes (and parties) outdoors. Here's how to do it stylishly and sustainably.

Originally Published: 05/26/10

Gorgeous warm weather just begs for alfresco dining, whether it's a weeknight supper with your family, or a barbecue with all the friends and neighbors. Here's how to dine outdoors both stylishly and eco-responsibly.

  1. Say no to paper. Paper plates — or worse, non-recyclable Styrofoam — are wasteful and damaging to the environment. Instead, invest in a set of non-breakable but casual dinnerware made of melamine or Vitrelle®, like those from Corelle. You could also assemble a set of fun, mismatched pieces culled from the extras in your china cabinet, or check out yard sales and thrift shops. With mismatched sets, you won't care if a piece breaks, and it's easy to replace.

  2. Use cloth. Cut down on waste even more by using dishtowels instead of paper towels for cleanup, and inexpensive cloth napkins instead of paper ones (the added advantage being that they won't blow away in the breeze). You can follow the mix-and-match theme of your dinnerware by finding random cloth napkins at thrift stores. Brightly colored washcloths also make good napkins for messy meals, and look adorable at a party table when tied with a piece of rope or twine.

  3. Decorate creatively. Kids' sand pails or large pickle or jam jars (washed, with the labels soaked off) make great vessels for a casual arrangement of fresh flowers and greenery from your garden. For candleholders, fill jars partially with sand and put a votive in them, or wedge a taper candle into an empty, cleaned wine bottle. Pull out your strings of Christmas-tree lights and use them to festoon the shrubs or railing surrounding your dining area.

  4. Explore natural insect repellents. Instead of dousing your yard — and your body — with chemicals, consider some natural ways to get bug-free. Certain plant-derived essential oils, like citronella, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint, are believed to repel mosquitoes, and you can make your own bug spray by diluting a few drops of any of those essential oils in water or alcohol. As for the yard, you can seek out natural solutions by lighting citronella candles, planting marigold flowers in your garden, and removing any standing water, which may be serving as a breeding and hatching area for new mosquitos.

  5. Make better choices for grilling. Gas or propane grills pollute the air less than charcoal grills. If you only have a charcoal grill, you can limit the negative impact the charcoal has by using natural, wood-derived charcoal, and starting your fire with a chimney rather than with lighter fluid.

  6. Feast on green choices. Burgers and dogs are de rigueur at barbecues, but there are great alternatives to the mainstream, ultra-processed brands. Consider grass-fed beef for your patties, and try looking for small, responsible producers for sausages or hot dogs. You might even opt for veggie dogs, especially ones made with non-genetically modified organisms or ingredients (called GMOs). Of course, staying local, when possible, is also a great idea. Buns from your local bakery and locally-grown toppings like lettuce and tomatoes rack up fewer food miles and support local farmers and businesses.

  7. Make your own beverages. Instead of buying store-bought sodas or lemonades, try mixing up your own using a recipe you find online. For something really fun and different, you might invest in a home soda machine or carbonator to whip up fizzy drinks — you'll cut down on the waste of packaging, be able to use natural ingredients instead of chemicals, and you'll know exactly what's going into your drinks.

  8. Make recycling easy for guests. When you're entertaining, it's a great idea to set out clearly marked receptacles for recyclables and trash in convenient places. If you compost, be sure to leave a bowl or container out for scraps, too.

Now that you're armed with these options and ideas, why not share your favorite ways to stay green while dining outdoors?

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  • Laura L. 2 years ago
    Babyganics insect repellant spray is not expensive considering you just need 1 spray per limb/area of your body exposed and it works for hours. I live in central Florida we have gnats, no see em's, mosquitos, all sorts of biting insects and this simple all-natural spray works against them all. I tried a lot and found that many that say they're all-natural are not. I tried a Wal Mart "Lemon-Eucalyptus" spray that said it was all-natural and I swear it had an unlisted ingredient that smelled just like kerosene and was flammable, it melted my rubber sandals when I first sprayed it on my feet. I will just go with Babyganics from on.
  • Jill S. 6 years ago
    Excellent article!
  • Elaine F. 6 years ago
    We use the regular dishes.
  • 7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    I have been doing most of these green ideas for a long time. I always use cloth napkins, glass dishes,regular silverware, cloth tablecloths etc. I have a garbag disposal, and I compost. I use very little canned goods. That is why I only put my bins out about once a month. I go green, but I lose reward points. I should get points for not puting my bins out. Most of my recycle is magazines and paper. Why doesn't the magazine company's quit sending a magazine every week?
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